Welcome to eMeMaR

eMeMaR B.V. is active in the (life) sciences area, we can help you with:

  • Grant applications (e.g. EU Horizon 2020)
  • Patent and other IP questions
  • Translation of research ideas to concrete research programs, experimental approaches, businessplans and products
  • Formulation of research strategies
  • Literature and patent searches

Examples of projects and products:

  • We helped with obtaining EU project  CarTarDis (http://cartardis.eu)
  • We helped with obtaining EU project D-BoarD (http://www.d-board.eu)

Products based on our inventions:

  • GeLifesciences MMP-9 and MMP-2 activity assay kits( RPN2631, RPN2634) (www.gelifesciences.com)
  • Sigma Aldrich Cathepsin K assay kit (CS1150) (www.sigmaaldrich.com)

Start-up companies we work(ed) for:

  • QuickZyme Biosciences (www.quickzyme.com)